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The Commonwealth Countries League is an accredited Commonwealth Organisation.
The Commonwealth Countries League involves people helping others who are in need, or those who are destitute, with acts of kindness. Those who have been helped often feel motivated to help others. The organisations who make charitable contributions have a small impact on the world at large. It is a beginning in raising the concerns of others.

The Commonwealth Countries League is a voluntary pan-Commonwealth civil society organisation. It was founded in 1925 by a group of women from many countries which make up today’s Commonwealth.

President’s Christmas message.          

As we wrap up 2018 I wish to thank for your support to the Commonwealth Countries was a waive of glowing pleasure we experienced.Here are some of the high lights from last year. As usual  the CCL had another successful  Commonwealth Fair to support the Commonwealth  girls  Education Fund.
The completion of the three country projects.Ghana,Grenada,and Jamica.

Ghana this project empowered  financially to enroll  their children in schools    , build up savings, prepare two meals  a day. harvesting  sorting packaging  and marketing of vegetables 39 women participated .The project provided  ability to enter social net works.

Message from Commonwealth Secretary General

In this year when we celebrate a  'Peace building commonwealth ', a special focus has been on peace in the home.As the foundation on which we build respect  for the dignity and safety of all women and girls ,I have led a Commonwealth  campaign to end domestic violence.

So it gives me great pleasure to write in support of the work of the Commonwealth Countries League ,and also encourage wider involvement with its  immensely valuable work  of empowering women and girls. Advancing social and  economic inclusion  through education ,and through more  equitable  opportunities  for all, are high priorities  in delivering  on all values of our Commonwealth  Charter.

Upcoming events

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Current Projects

Tanzania Project. to set up and open  a clinic at Buhangjia Shinanga for children with albinism.The main goal of  this project is to provide health care services at Buhangija Centre for children  with albinism which will include providing low vision devices and eye glasses to improve the children's ability to learn and stay in school. Read More...
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